75-year-old white man charged with first degree murder in shooting of black boy

The war on black children continues...

MILWAUKEE — 75-year-old John Spooner is charged with first degree murder for the shooting death of 13-year-old Darius Simmons. The charges come down just a day before the family planned a vigil to remember Simmons.

According to the criminal complaint, Simmons was retrieving the garbage from the curb when he was confronted by Spooner. Spooner, the victim of multiple burglaries, alleged Simmons was the culprit of at least one of the burglaries.

Spooner asked Simmons for his belongings back, including two shotguns. Simmons denied having anything to do with Spooners’ stolen property. Simmons’ mother Patricia Larry told police she also told Spooner they had nothing to do with his stolen property.

The criminal complaint says that’s when Spooner pulled out his gun and fired two shots at Simmons. When police arrived Spooner said, “Yeah I shot him.”

The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled the death a homicide after examining the gunshot wounds on Simmons’ body.

The first degree murder charge carries a possible sentence of life in prison.


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  • 6/10/2012 2:22 PM OneFacingReality wrote:
    "The war on black children continues..." that's a lie blacks want to believe so they won't have to face the reality and more importantly, the RESPONSIBILITY of what they're doing to cause their own problems!

    ADMIN : Nonsense. What did 13 year old Darius Simmons do to deserve getting shot to death? Was he the cause of his own death? It's high time YOU start taking RESPONSIBILITY for YOUR actions.
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    1. 6/10/2012 5:59 PM WhitePeopleHaveAlbinoTraits wrote:
      More derailment from Whites who want to murder Black children and justify it. The war on Black people continues. And YT wants to pretend that it doesn't exist...at the same time they're shooting Black children. I've never seen a people so bent on getting a one way ticket to hell. What did Darius do to cause his own problem? Oh that's right...being born Black. There's no evidence yet people like this piece of filth are ready to lay blame on the victim even when evidence shows contrary. I guess this dog never heard of Emmett Till. I am really starting to hate these people. Like seriously.
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    2. 6/11/2012 1:25 AM Downunderbrutha wrote:
      Since when does the crime of theft attract a "SUMMARY EXCECUTION" in anybody’s legal or moral system? As usual we see a white person valuing possessions above the value of human life, & then we see another white clown visiting here to tell us all "it’s our own fault". I tell you what cum bucket lets line up all those rich white people who broke the economy & the guys who raked over Enron etc etc & execute them for robbing the tax payers? Or is execution for theft only apply to black people accused of house burglary & then only if they rob a white household?

      That’s just plain sick, no wonder whites bring nothing but inequality & death with them wherever they go; & reckon seeing black cat is bad luck?. You talk big words about responsibility, yet show no signs of moral reasoning or empathy. Go stick your calls for black communal responsibility fair up you stretched white asshole & choke on your own shit.
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    3. 6/11/2012 10:09 AM OneFacingReality wrote:
      Where are your statistics about a "war on black children" by whites? Blacks die most often by killing each other, not by whites. If there's a war on black children, blacks are doing it!
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      1. 6/11/2012 7:01 PM Downunderbrutha wrote:
        As usual here we have a white person making non fact based accusations such as "blacks kill each other more", yet in the same breath ask us to provide proof of our assertions?.

        In America (where you are no doubt from) infant mortality is one of the biggest killers of blacks, these deaths can be directly traced back to generational effects of living in a racially unequal society created by whites to benefit whites - period!.


        Same issues in Australia, higher adult & infant mortality rates amoungst blacks.


        Of course enduring 400+ years of racially motivated social abuse at the hands of "white" colonisers & their system of "white supremacy" plays no part in these alarming figures & is just blacks & there collective inability to "act responsibly" that is the cause.

        I also wish to point out that estimated number of (non-white) children killed in Iraq is over 50,000 & Afghanistan is over 16,000, and this is a conservative estimate that does not include those that are going to die from cancers & congenital birth defects as a result of DU ammunition. It also doesn’t include the many children in the estimated 250,000 Iraqis who died from the combined effects of the first Gulf War & subsequent sanctions, which prevented the rebuilding of essential infrastructure such as water treatment & pharmaceuticals production. To me this a lot of non-white children killed by “whites”.

        As usual you like every other white person focus only on petty street crimes for justification of your views, and avoid any discussion or acceptance of much greater crimes committed globally by the so called “white race”. Blacks collectively don’t need to “accept responsibility” for anything, it is in fact “whites” who need accept the responsibility of the inequality their ancestors created when they chose to enslave, mass murder & steal the lands of non-whites. It is whites who continue to plan & lead the development of so called “modern society”, and not non-whites who have been excluded all the way being charge; who are ultimately responsible for the poverty & inequality built into their creation. There would be no black on black gang violence etc in America if “white people” hadn’t robbed the land from that Natives & imported blacks from Africa as slaves, so it is ultimately always “white peoples” fault.

        Perhaps if you truely want some answers to the accusation of a "war against black children" you can watch this?.


        So who is really avoiding responsibility by passing the buck?
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        1. 6/11/2012 9:32 PM OneFacingReality wrote:
          Only a very tiny percentage of whites owned slaves. That means that the majority of white people did not own slaves. They did their own farming, picked their own cotton, were tennant farmers, share croppers, hard workers with nothing to do with slavery. That's the majority, most whites throughout history. Only the elite few, the rich, could afford to own slaves. None of my ancestors owned slaves and may have been slaves themselves. The Irish were also enslaved, something the so-called "history" books conveniently omit. You do yourself no favors by living in the past, blaming & hating.
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          1. 6/11/2012 11:02 PM Downunderbrutha wrote:
            Oh hear we go a lecture from a "white privileged" position. Like we haven’t heard this tired out old crap 20 millions times.

            The fact is that anybody who has "white skin" is the direct benefactor over 400 years of wealth that was generated from the slavery & the forceful accusation of non-white lands. Not only this but whites then restricted via "institutional racism" fair & equal access to these gains all the way up until the 1970s.

            As for "whites" tilling their own land, don’t you think that’s a mute point because?

            a/ The land was often stolen from a Native either directly or given to whites for free to own.
            b/ That this represented an opportunity self-advancement not afforded the Natives or the Africans.
            c/ It actually validates my point about how the initial inequality has lead to generational disadvantage of non-whites.

            Despite your negative propaganda; blacks in America have done very well, in less than 50 years (when legal segragation was ended) they have become very productive contributors to modern America. Yet we have racist whites like yourself who only want to focus on people who aren’t doing well by your standard, so you can somehow feel superior. Something that whites have excelled at is finding ways to look & feel superior (white supremacy), and this is where your kind of thinking originates from & it is easy to dissect in a second.

            I pointed you to some well researched & even government run sites that point out, that black babies die more in countries run by whites. & you avoid comment on these & go on to slavery revisionism WHY?. Now when you speak of RESPONSABILITY if a social system is run by one group & it’s clear that it dose not benefit the other, who is responsible for that inequality.

            As for your crap about slavery I wont spend long on it because its mostly apologist myths cooked up to exonerate the so called "white race", and its also irrelevant as the wealth generated from SLAVERY & colonialism benefited all whites every where by funding progress which you all shared. The Irish where held as indentured servants during & after conquest by the British & where only held for a set period of time, when they where allowed to go free they where often GIVEN FREE LAND after the indenture period. If the Irish where so persecuted in the colonies why are they major owners of property in most of the American cities?.

            This is not the same thing as chattel slavery of Africans which meant you where owned as live stock until death as where your offspring, so please don’t try & use the Irish as an example. Nor did they endure another 200 years of institutional racism designed to limit access to progress, as did blacks & Natives in America.

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            1. 6/12/2012 7:58 AM OneFacingReality wrote:
              All I can say is you do yourself no favor by living in the past & looking for ways to blame whites for everything. You're not a slave, have never been a slave and don't know anyone who is a slave. The majority of whites did not own slaves. Blacks sold their own into slavery to Arabs (Muslims)and then Europeans. Blacks in Africa still own slaves today. You're doing yourself no favors by searching for things for which to blame whites. There is no white war on black children. If you don't stop blaming you'll never be happy. Even if all whites on the planet were annihilated you wouldn't be happy.
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              1. 6/12/2012 9:34 AM sebhai wrote:
                I living in the present and it's not so difficult for me to blame whites for all the crap I suffered from them.I am not black therefore I would never be associated with slavery however i would always be constantly treated as a second,third,or fourth best.

                "There is no white war on black children. If you don't stop blaming you'll never be happy. Even if all whites on the planet were annihilated you wouldn't be happy."

                There is individual whites war on non-white people though still continuing today.Oops another black kid got shot!!!
                Thanks for the condescending advice very typical of white people,rarely practice of what they preach.I am happy as I am as long I'm allowed to bitch and rant against them.After all nothing seems to stop a white person once they decide to be hateful not even PC brigade
                Whoever said "political correctness is the number one enemy to civilization again"?If white people were annihilated,I wouldn't say I would be happy.I just couldn't care less.

                "The majority of whites did not own slaves. Blacks sold their own into slavery to Arabs (Muslims)and then Europeans. Blacks in Africa still own slaves today. You're doing yourself no favors by searching for things for which to blame whites."

                The majority of racist I've met still happen to be white though.White people even capable to be racist against other whites whether it's based on their accent,nationalities as well their hair color.Even in Europe there are racist attacks committed against eastern Europeans and vice versa and mind you it is not restricted among the neo-nazi trash.Well we can always tell to the whites that they doing themselves no favor by searching for things for which to blame the the black and brown(including me which come from a group that contributes little to crime statistics in the US.
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                1. 6/12/2012 9:38 AM herudagod wrote:
                  Sadly to say, but us blacks are getting it from all angles. I'm really pissed at black on black crime which is at the higest it's ever been more than yt trash. We can expect it from them, but it's more black on black crime than anything. Open season on blacks, because you got whites killing us and our own kind. SMH
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              2. 6/12/2012 11:57 PM Downunderbrutha wrote:
                "Blacks in Africa still own slaves today."

                And the so called civilised white man still runs the world’s largest people & children trafficking rings globally. They also the biggest users of child sex services in Asia & Africa, and run & profit from global rings of child pornography- What’s your point?

                I am not going bother answering you any further as its clear you simply came here to absolve the "white race", we arent interested as you have no idea what we are talking about & you wont look at the information you where offered.

                BTW its you living in the past, the one where you position of white privilege gives you the right to dictate to colored person how to think. I’m real sorry for you but that time is long gone & you won’t escape the results of wielding 400 years of advantage over non-whites for much longer.
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  • 6/10/2012 4:55 PM Paul wrote:
    Let the Jury hear the evidence and decide.

    Never live in a country without a jury system comprised of it's people.
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  • 6/10/2012 6:36 PM 2428 wrote:
    Well, there's a reason we call them pink devils. The sooner they go extinct, the better. I can't believe some uncle toms still insist on defending and living with these people.
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  • 6/10/2012 10:16 PM Mutar wrote:
    This is pretty sad. Devil indeed but they have been killing red, black, brown children for a long time. So many Arabian, African, and Amerindian children were slaughtered by these devils.
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  • 6/11/2012 3:30 AM Anders wrote:
    RIP Darius Simmons.
    The sad thing ( except that the young boy is dead ) is that John Spooner will prolly serve a limited time in prison and be released dude to health conditions in a few years..theres is no way we white people can ever understand how much shit that black people ( and others ) have to deal with on a daily basis especially in the USA..what if the situation was reversed..id be furious if black men got away as easily for killing white children as when white men kill black children..time for white america to wake up and clean their own backyard before they moralise over other countries..
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  • 6/11/2012 8:58 AM herudagod wrote:
    I guess he got his dying wish to kill a niqqer before he passed. Maybe he'll come back reincarnated as a piece of shyt that he is.
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  • 6/11/2012 5:24 PM CaucazoidsAreARaceOfSnakes wrote:
    This cracker had best hope he gets the nice White jury and judge who will let his ass off with a slap on the wrist.

    Can you imagine how long this White bastard will last in prison?

    He will become somebody's bitch in under a minute.

    What's more, he will deserve it.
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    1. 6/13/2012 7:20 AM Samadhi wrote:
      I say justice Saudi style: death by firing squad. Cold blooded child killer like that old bastard should always get executed.

      He mercilessly snuffed out a young boy who had the life ahead of him.
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  • 6/12/2012 1:44 AM ehte880101 wrote:
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  • 6/13/2012 2:43 PM 2428 wrote:

    "We are proud to bring you another episode of honkies gone wild"
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