White Fury as Saudis Publicly Execute Murderous Pedophile

Nobody perfect, and while the images are grim, this form of justice could save the lives of millions of children. What we find troubling is why are whites sympathizing with a murderous pedophile rather then his victims?

Saudi Arabian officials beheaded and then publicly displayed the body of a convicted killer in Riyadh on Friday, an act that prompted a stiff denunciation by Amnesty International, and European based human rights monitors.

The Saudi Interior Ministry said Ahmed Al-Shamlani Al-Anzi was sentenced to death and then "crucifixion" -- having his body displayed in public -- for the kidnapping, raping and killing of an 11-year-old boy and for the killing of the boy's father, according to the official Saudi Press Agency.

The Saudi Interior Ministry asserted that Al-Anzi's body was displayed as a warning that those involved in similar crimes would suffer the same fate, the press agency reported.

The ministry said Al-Anzi kidnapped the boy and held him for a "malicious purpose" at a grocery store where he worked. He tied rope around the boy's neck and strangled him to death, the ministry said.

When the boy's father came to the store looking for his son, Al-Anzi axed the father repeatedly until the man died. When police came to arrest Al-Anzi, Al-Anzi resisted arrest by threatening them with a knife.

Police later discovered that Al-Anzi had been previously convicted of other crimes, including possession of pornographic videos and sodomy, the Interior Ministry said.

The English-language Saudi Gazette newspaper said the body was placed on public display throughout the evening and Chirouf said it was his understanding that the body was to be displayed for a few hours.


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  • 12/6/2011 4:45 PM The Analyzer wrote:
    Oh Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Whoo! that's what i am talking about now we want a similar justice system like this in the USA
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    1. 2/6/2013 3:41 AM cowboy wrote:
      I hate to say I like what them towel-heads are doing. But I would like to buy the prosecutor and judge a shot of whiskey and a beer. I like this law. We need it.
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    2. 5/1/2013 11:29 AM Jason X wrote:
      This type of a law should be Global...

      Indeed there should be nothin less than ZERO TOLERANCE for Rape Crimes....!!!

      Totally agree wit u mate. We never realize the gravity of the situation 'til we're met wit the same fate....!!
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  • 12/6/2011 7:14 PM KR321 wrote:
    The crime certainly deserves a harsh punishment, and yes, Amnesty International and the European human rights activists dont care about the victims - however this Saudi justice is disgustingly bloodthirsty and certainly not necessary to protect children. What sort of psychological damage is done to the children who see these images?
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    1. 12/6/2011 10:50 PM Browniac wrote:
      Considering these have one of the lowest crime rates in the world, I don't think Saudi kids have psychological damage, or pedophiles to worry about.
      If this style of justice came to America, white people would be in deep sh1t.
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      1. 12/7/2011 6:14 PM KR321 wrote:
        Dont play with words. This type of gory "justice" IS a crime hence the true Saudi crime rate, including this kind of goriness is sky high. It is totally unnecessary to "protect" children this way. By the way Saudi Arabia is caucasian-controlled America's number one ally in the Muslim world. WHY? Because the crackers that run America know that encouraging Arabs to administer such barbaric punitive practices keeps them in control and good anti white propoganda material at the same time! You think they have a good system? Why does the Saudi government legislate that non-white foreigners such as Asians and Africans get paid LESS for the SAME WORK as white foreigners. Saudi is run by subservient Arabs. This gory and racist system they administer and these people are no friends of the ordinary non-white. Wake up.
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        1. 12/7/2011 6:50 PM Browniac wrote:
          I'm not playing with words. Learn to differentiate between the people and their corrupt government. The Saudi Arabian GOVERNMENT is controlled by the US and Britain(which is why yanks and brits get paid more duh), just like almost every other puppet government in the region and which are now thankfully falling to the people.
          HOWEVER, this punishment is 100% right, and it should be gory and bloody to send the message loud and clear : if you're a convicted pedophile, you'll pay the price in public. What is barbaric is letting pedos do time and let them back loose on the streets.
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          1. 12/8/2011 7:16 AM KR321 wrote:
            Sorry pal, I dont get it. A good old public caning should do the trick. I detest child molesters too but I dont share your religious fervour.
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            1. 12/8/2011 11:32 AM Browniac wrote:
              We'll agree to disagree then. I'm not Muslim so "religious fervor" has nothing to do with my endorsement of this type of punishment.
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              1. 12/9/2011 6:42 AM KR321 wrote:
                I am told that all criminal law in Saudi Arabia is moulded on the militant Wahabist version of Sharia law which is swift and gory and in that respect bears similarities to Hitler's, Vikings and ancient Hebrew justice systems dont you think? Yes I agree child molesters deserve serious punishment and they are out of control but as I said earlier, whats wrong with trying a public caning, public shaming etc before it goes to the bloody Dracula level? I dont live in a country like Saudi but their criminal justice would make people like me sick.
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                1. 2/12/2014 4:00 PM Jerry wrote:
                  The Vikings were not what you think. You are just throwing out random history. What about Romans, barbarians, ancient greek, ole England, persians, Gauls, Mongolians....shall i continue.

                  The Vikings were a normal people from scandinavia with families, law, and thriving civilization. Vikings were also very hygienic.
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        2. 12/7/2011 7:35 PM Browniac wrote:
          I'm not playing with words. Learn to differentiate between the people and their corrupt government. The Saudi Arabian GOVERNMENT is controlled by the US and Britain(which is why yanks and brits get paid more duh), just like almost every other puppet government in the region and which are now thankfully falling to the people.
          HOWEVER, this punishment is 100% right, and it should be gory and bloody to send the message loud and clear : if you're a convicted pedophile, you'll pay the price in public. What is barbaric is letting pedos do time and let them back loose on the streets.
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        3. 12/8/2011 10:48 AM 2428 wrote:
          I remember reading something about the poor treatment of Blacks and Flilpinos in Arab countries. I have mixed feelings about Arabs, honestly. Some are cool while others are exremly racist.
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          1. 12/8/2011 11:41 AM Browniac wrote:
            Depends who you're talking about. Arabs aren't a race and many blacks are Arabs so they aren't mutually exclusive. The racist ones tend to come from the super rich elites which rule over gulf sheikhdoms, dictatorships of which owe their security to the US and Britain. That's why yanks and brits get paid more then Filipinos and other non-white expats(including Muslims from other countries). I was stationed in the region during the late 1990s and learnt a lot about how things go down there.
            Good thing is their rule is now coming to an end.
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            1. 12/8/2011 12:02 PM george wrote:
              Very interesting!!!
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            2. 12/8/2011 12:32 PM 2428 wrote:
              I was talking about the light skinned ones from places like Lebanon and Lybia. Those are the ones that I've heard about that treat, blacks, Filipinos and anyone dark skinned like shit.
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              1. 12/8/2011 4:41 PM Browniac wrote:
                Oh ok, I see where you're coming from. Lebanon is an odd case, and you're right about the treatment of expats there. It was a part of Syria which the French cleaved off to create a Christian majority Arab nation back when they and the British were carving the region up in the 1920s. Most of the Lebanese elite are Francophones, and many of them see themselves as Europeans rather then Arab, some even tracing their roots to the Crusaders of the past. It's not about light vs dark skin, but the Eurocentric ruling class looking down on the rest, including their own. I don't want to get into too much history but Lebanon was created to be a buffer state for Israel.
                In Libya, Qadafi was bringing in mercs from neighboring African countries to use on his own people, that's why there were reports of attacks on Africans after his fall. Don't get me wrong, I was against NATO bombing Libya, but I have yet to meet a Libyan with any love for Qadafi. He played Arab nationalist until that wore off and then started behaving like an African nationalist. Only reason other African leaders gave him time was because he threw cash their way.
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                1. 12/8/2011 6:55 PM 2428 wrote:
                  Nice info. It seems like they are just as messed up as Indians and east Asians when it comes to white worship. I've even heard of some lighter skinned Arabs identifying as white when they immigrate to North America. Hopefully it's just the older generation, but probably not.
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                  1. 12/9/2011 7:44 AM Krishna wrote:
                    WW style problems are global. I was told a while ago that the government of Malawi pays whites more than others. In the 1970s to 1990s,Malawi was so eager to encourage whites to remain and spend in the country (they owned much of it) that they refused to oppose Apartheid in nearby South Africa. I understand that Kenya perceiving South Asians as a threat passed discriminatory laws against them while there seem to be no complaints about less than 1% population of whites having a disproportionate influence on their economy and politics. Judging from the advertisements, the fairly popular use of skin lightening cream and hair straightening products, the unquestioning embrace by many educated elites of European languages, culture and education as the "way of the future", VIPs imploring France and Britain to mediate on local disputes that ought not to be the business of France or Britain. Yes, the elites of India, who rule over the poor masses, also seem to have similar attitudes. East Asians however seem obsessed with capital and technology from Western countries to modernise and grow their economies very quickly - so they appear eager to appease and lure the whites from those countries for this purpose.
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                    1. 12/9/2011 10:02 AM 2428 wrote:
                      It's bad how a lot of non-whites like to hate on each other while kissing the white man's ass. Which is exactly what he wants. I guess they think that it will make them closer to whiteness when they hate on each other.
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                      1. 12/10/2011 4:29 AM Krishna wrote:
                        "a lot of non-whites like to hate on each other while kissing the white man's ass"
                        - This is not by accident but by grand design. Learn more about the history of colonialism. Its called divide and rule.
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            3. 12/12/2011 4:57 PM MST wrote:
              Hmm ... reminds me of all those racist-assed, white-identifying Cubans in Miami. They treat blacks and even darker-skinned Latinos like trash. Castro isn't perfect, but one reason that they hate him is because he at least tried to bring an end to their white privilege.
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              1. 1/1/2012 8:27 PM anonymous wrote:
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          2. 12/12/2011 4:20 PM MST wrote:
            I agree with you. Arabs had slaves for CENTURIES before the trans-Atlantic slave trade, and for many years after most countries had ended it. Saudi Arabia didn't end slavery until 1969 and most of those slaves were black, something Malcolm X ignored on his famous trip to Mecca. Also, look at the way Arabs treat blacks in Libya and the Sudan. I could go on and on.

            Anyway, here's another story about a white monster killing an innocent child:

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          3. 1/1/2012 8:20 PM anonymous wrote:
            East Indians too.
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            1. 1/2/2012 7:04 AM KR321 wrote:
              Oh crap. East Indians were also victims of Arab and Central Asian slavery. I suspect just another racist bully African mouthing off without knowledge of any history or facts.
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  • 12/6/2011 9:34 PM WhitePeopleHaveAlbinoTraits wrote:
    Yes!! This is what we need! Castration isn't enough for these people. They prey on the innocence of children.
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  • 12/7/2011 3:15 AM Herudagod wrote:
    Because to them pedophila is normal. Thats why the prisons are full of blacks while these pedos roam free,because most of those in power are pedos thmselves
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  • 12/7/2011 1:01 PM 2428 wrote:
    We should send the Penn state guy here!
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  • 12/8/2011 1:36 AM CaucazoidsAreARaceOfSnakes wrote:
    Why are White people throwing a hissy fit over this case?

    White America and its legions of media propagandists don't have the balls to admit that White people tacitly and covertly support crimes against children like pedophilia.

    Just look at how Jerry Sandusky of Penn State University and Bernie Fine of Syracuse University were allowed to get away with their crimes for DECADES.

    When White male predators commit crimes, it is almost always spin-doctored as just and INDIVIDUAL act, not reflective of White America.

    Fuck that noise.

    That is just the standard "few bad apples" alibi that White apologists always use.

    The threat that is White America must be exposed and punished.
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  • 12/8/2011 3:34 AM qwerty12345678 wrote:
    truth is this is coming to american and europe and whites r gonna be very very sad and scared. we gonna have a lot of dead white pedos on our hands. im not just talking either. you'll see
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  • 12/8/2011 6:31 PM Mike wrote:
    Throwback savages.
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    1. 12/8/2011 8:17 PM Israeli American Patriot wrote:
      Agreed. These sub-human , savage sand niggers are throwbacks.
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      1. 12/8/2011 10:53 PM heh wrote:
        not surprised you snow niggers would be in support of this kiddie fiddler's right to rape kids... after all it's in your nature...
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      2. 12/10/2011 4:35 AM KR321 wrote:
        @Israeli American patriot - Funny considering that the forefathers of Israel including Abraham were Semitic and thus "sandniggers" as you not so eloquently describe the ancient fathers of your country and that you so look down upon. By the way, traditional Jews in present day Israel also call for gory punishments do they not? I dont approve of these whoever is espousing them.
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      3. 12/12/2011 4:35 PM MST wrote:
        Hey jewboy, you are the last person to talk about savages, considering the way you treat the Palestinians.

        I wouldn't be surprised if this Khazar supported pedophiles. After all, the Khazar race is notorious for its perverts, like Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Xavier Hollander (the jew whore who phucked a dog and bragged about it), etc. The porno industry is run by Khazars and many of the "actors" in it are Khazars, too.

        One reason why their numbers are declining is that many Khazars are faggots and dykes. They are a race of degenerates!
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      4. 1/1/2012 8:36 PM anonymous wrote:
        IAP, I hate to break it too you. You calling Arabs sand niggers is like water calling the sky blue. Jews are Semites themselves since they initially came from the Middle East. This was one of Hitler's main stated issues with Jews, so for Jews to turn around and call Arabs sand niggers is hypocritical.
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    2. 12/8/2011 10:14 PM Hatethehaterz wrote:
      So just to be clear, you snow niggers care more about protecting your fellow pedophile than his victims? I guess that figures. You snow monkeys need to protect your own right?
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  • 12/12/2011 4:16 AM renjith wrote:
    TO THE ADMIN-In 1984,in the city of Bhopal in India,a gas leak from a factory owned by Union Carbide,killed thousands & maimed for life numerous others.Warren Anderson who was the CEO was literally escorted out of the country & remains a free man to this day.The victims were paid a pittance.They are still fighting for justice.Union Carbide was taken over by Dow Chemicals which is sponsoring the 2012 Olympics.Calls to the IOC to boycott Dow is falling on deaf ears.I would appreciate if you would post a story about this.
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  • 12/21/2011 11:45 PM district wrote:
    Kids will feel safe that that the monsters are no more. In the western world you have firing squads, electric chairs, gas chambers and also hanging. As well as burning people you call witches alive so why do you have stick you nose or criticize other people's systems. Your execution methods are more bloody and causes no suffering more barbaric than this.This is one stroke with a sword. How about roast people alive with an electric chair?
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  • 1/1/2012 8:19 PM anonymous wrote:
    KR321, I agree that the punishment is excessive. But if these people weren't pedophiles,they would not have this punishment to risk. So(IMO)it is what it is. The punishment is tough, but these people often bring the punishment on themselves because often, they have no good excuses to do what they are doing. More often than not, alot of these folks choose to be pedophiles.
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  • 2/3/2012 4:02 AM Kris wrote:
    This story has absolutely nothing to do with white people. You were reaching with this one...
    But I'm all for this type of justice. I don't think it needs to be publicly displayed, but I'm all for giving murderers and pedophiles exactly what they deserve. (Whoever said the children of this community are not psychology effected is bat $#it crazy)
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  • 6/9/2012 6:45 PM alex wrote:
    It is a shame that we allow pedophiles to continue to hurt children. Man has always executed these kinds of people. Why are we allowing them to run free? Do you really expect your children to be safe if we continue with light punishments on these kinds of people?
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  • 6/9/2012 6:46 PM alex wrote:
    I also think KR321 is a pedophile, thus his support for his kind.
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  • 7/5/2012 12:20 PM Melissa wrote:
    I don't see a problem with this. This man had no compassion for the little boy kidnapped, raped and killed. So why does he deserve mercy or compassion?
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  • 11/4/2013 9:10 AM house painting cost wrote:
    The home should be the treasure chest of living.
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